Making [No Texture Rotate] Eyes

Iv'e been asked how I make the eyes/irises on some of my hexies and even though I think Paint Ball eyes are beautiful, I can't deal with how they move/dont follow/look derpy.
Credit to Amanda @ Cargo for being the genius that discovered how to use [No Texture Rotate] from Babyz.
(she has a "No Texture Rotate" tutorial on her website if you want more info)

Petz 4 Palette Swatch/Color Table (.ACT)

- - - -

Part 1:

Drawing your own eye!

I draw my eyes in Photoshop but any image editor will do.

First you have to create a 32x32 pixel image.
(I always have the Petz color chart or palette swatch handy to color pick from, so I dont accidentally use any colors that wont work in game.)

Heres an example. You're gonna have to play around with different pupil/iris size, shading, color blending, shapes and so on. This is your time to be creative!

Part 2:

Cutting up the image

When you are happy with your eye you need to cut the image into 4 pieces and move them to their opposite corners.

These instructions are intended for Photoshop so menu options may differ slightly in other programs.

When you save your texture it's important to make sure the image is set to 256/8 bit color palette!

The way to do this in Photoshop is go to "Image -> Mode -> Indexed Color".

This is how I have my settings. I have the Petz palette added to my "Color Tables" in Photoshop. So I just choose that in the "Table:" drop drown menu and hit save.

How to add the "Petz Palette" as a Color Table:

When you're done it should look like this.

Part 3:


Next step is to open up your breedfile in LNZpro and add your eye texture to the [Texture List].

Then add the [No Texture Rotate] section to your breedfile and list both eye ballz (8, 32).
(you can put this section anywhere in the file, just make sure your spelling and upper/lower case is correct.)

Almost done! Just a few more steps before we can open up the game and see how it looks.

Next you have to change the texture number and base color of the eye ballz
(since 245 is a non textureable color remember to change it to e.g 10 or the eye texture wont show)

Then we have to change the size of the iris to "-999". Otherwise the original iris will show up on top of your eye texture.

Last step is to also change the size of the iris to "-999" in [Ball Size Override] in the pup/kit LNZ.
The reason we have to do this is because if you don't the original iris will still show up in the puppy/kitten stage.

Now open up your game and lets see how it looks!

Tips & Tricks

If you think the eyes look derpy or off center you can try moving it around a few pixels.
I do this with the "Offset" method in Photoshop.

Sometimes the best thing to get them centered is to make a copy of your eye texture and flip the image horizontally and use that for the opposite eye.

You can still adjust the size of the eye if you want/need to make it larger or smaller to fit your eye texture.

It takes some practice to draw them and some tweaking to get them exactly right,
but thats part of the fun if you ask me ;D

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