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This is a fan website for the PC-game Petz 4.
My name is Lisa aka "lida" or "sexpotlida". I've been in and out of the PC and hexing since 1997.
I've owned numerous petz sites in the past e.g Diesel, Old school, Feline. I started hextraordinary when I came back in 2017.
Thanks to Luli for hosting me

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    September 6th 2021

  • Well this remodel was supposed to be uploaded in july but life has been too hectic recently. Hope you like it!
  • New Playscene - Sunset Beach!
  • New Toyz - Flowers with new butterflies, recolored frisbee and beachball
  • New Clothes - Shutter shades!
  • Check out the rest of the new stuff like find it, stamps, wallpapers etc.
  • Redid my crew pages
  • Added a link on the trails page to download My Old Breedfiles, kindly hosted by Alex @ Királyi

    June 1st 2021

  • New Sister site! Megan @ Oasis
  • Updated the eye tutorial since I forgot an important part about saving the texture in 256 colors/8 bit format. Oops! "Making [No Texture Rotate] Eyes"

    May 28th 2021

  • New Tutorial! "Making [No Texture Rotate] Eyes"


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