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This is a fan website for the PC-game Petz 4.
My name is Lisa aka "lida" or "sexpotlida". I've been in the PC and hexing since 1997. I started Hextraordinary to post all the content I've created in the last years, so head over to Downloads and grab some new stuff.

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Inventory Updates:

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June 1st 2021

May 28th 2021

May 7th 2021

  • First of all! Please complete the survey @ The Petz Community Census.
    I made the layout and the prizes :) Please help out!
  • Added New Playscenes both Hexed and Editor! Farm Kitchen, Dog Park & PUGS party!
  • New Decorations kit up for download on the Toys page.

March 17th 2021

  • The New and (majorly) Improved Pitbull breed is up for download! :D
  • Added a bunch of spike collars and XL chainlink collars. Check them out!
  • I made my first Tutorial on using "fulloutline"s in breed files.
  • New sister site! Salem @ Mos Eisley

  • Put the leftover puppies from the "sassy dalis" litter on TFM.

March 1st 2021

  • Added a new section to Downloads, "Expansion Kits", also added the first kit "Showroom & Trophies kit", hope you like it :)
  • Added some new petz to "my petz" pages.
  • Updated litter stats, 2 babies left
  • Added another great site to the Links page, Mos Eisley

Feb 14th 2021

  • Happy Valentines day everyone!

  • Added a bunch of New Toyz! Recolored Rose seeds, Dark Blue Frame set, Glass vase, Black and white Marble Vases, Bottle candle.
  • Rainbow Ponyz sent out! Thank you so much for all the lovely apps, it was a really tough choice.
  • Added a New Hexed Litter
  • 2 New Hexed Playscenes up for download (Night Kitchen & Living Room)

Feb 3rd 2021

  • Early Valentines Litter, Rainbow Ponyz!
  • "TV-Room" and "Night Yard" playscenes uploaded to Hexed Playscenes!
  • The TV.toy is up for download!
  • Uploaded a bunch of new playpen Wallpapers.
  • Added new pet to Hexed Dogz, "Vincent" from midnightwolf.
  • Added some favorite Links (that i can't believe I missed!). Also added link to a "ViaVoice fix". Finally got it to work and i love it!

Jan 24th 2021

  • 2021 Remodel! :D this layout actually started out as a playscene.
  • Lots of "New" breeds i.e updated versions of the Pitbull, St.Bernard, German Shepherd, Doberman, Corgi.
  • Added a new Playscene, Clothing and a Toy!
  • Made my first Cliques, you should put them on your website ;P

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