I find it really annoying that you barely see the outline of Linez sometimes, especially when hexing ears which has a lot of smaller ballz close to each other. So I tried using the "fulloutline" code from Clothes and it works great!

An important thing to remember is that PWS does not recognize "fulloutlines" and will delete the "1, 1,".
So copy/paste your linez section from LNZpro in notepad before you open the file in PWS.

Clothes have a section at the end of the Linez info called "fulloutline".

All you have to do to make it work in breed files is to add ",1, 1," at the end of the linez.

it gives the line a thicker look, a solid outline and will cover the ballz its attached to.

For example I used it on the Pitbulls ears.

Heres a chart I made to understand the different looks using "fulloutline"

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