These are "Expansion Kits" I've made for Petz 4. You install them the same way you do a regular Playscene or a Toy file. Playscenes go in "\resource\Area\" folder and Toyz in "\resource\Toyz\". It´s just easier for me to organize all the content this way. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Showroom Kit



I will add the rest of the trophies soon.
FYI the Ribbons are based on the "Xmas Lights" which has a bug that crash the game if you put a ribbon back into the box when its in the supply case.
~ The Toy images are included in the pack if you want to decorate your forum showroom or website.
~ The frame "sizing templates" are used if you want a picture to fit perfectly inside the frames.


Showroom playscenes to display your Petz wins! Shows up in the "Custom Scenes" list.

Download Kit P4

Coming Soon ...

Garden & Decoration Kit

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