Decoration Kit #1

One of my favorite things to do in Petz is decorating. So i put together this kit to make it even more fun.
(added an overwrite version of the "Green shell" that looks nicer when placed and shows up in the toy closet)

Download P4

Dark Blue Frame Set

(Sizing templates included)
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Bottle Candle

Noticed that the bottle in the Petz 4 intro pic has a candle in it and thought it was kinda cute.
Download P4


Transparent Glass Vase, Black Marble and White Marble Vase.
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Rose Seeds

Recolored Rose Seeds
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Fixed Carrot Seeds & Edible Carrot

I fixed the Carrot Seeds, no more crashing!
The grown Carrots can not be eaten but I made an edible one based on the Cheese.
(it looks like its in the ground when dropped/resting.)
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Plays the Petz Plushie commercial from 1997 (with sound).
Click the remote to turn the TV on/off. Click the buttons to change song.
Place the ".wav" file in your /resource/songz/ folder.
I dont know about you but personally Ive waited for this moment since 1999!

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Trash Can

made for "The Alley" playscene.
if you open the lid, be ready to pop some flies

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Food bags

Your Petz favorite food
(credit for this brilliant idea goes to Manda @ Gossipin)

Download Yumz P4
Download Nomz P4

Robot Vaccuum

Your Petz favorite thing to hate
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