Sassy Cake Dalis




Made a base from one of my favorite petz "Sass", personally i love poodle ears.
I would love a small application but no need for an essay, maybe give me a good movie tip or tell me something funny :)

Rainbow Ponyz

Ivy Diamond

Blueberry Comet
Luna Sparkle
Firefly Flash
Astral Dawn

This will be the only litter from this file. Uses external furfiles. Muted or with horse sounds.
Mane & Tail textures by Queenie @ phantasmagoria


  • "Hextraordinary" or "sexpotlida" as prefix.
  • 1 pet per person per litter.
  • Return or MPA if not wanted.
  • Feel free to change name and gender.
  • Do Not use or alter the code!
    (except hexing into trotter/trickster)
  • Do Not use or alter my personal textures!


    (Put Pet Name as Subject)

  • Your Name:
  • Website:
  • Pet Name:
  • Why?:
  • SEND

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