Welcome to Hextraordinary!
My name is Lisa aka "lida",
I've been in the PC and hexing since 1997.  I have owned numerous petz sites in the past i.e Old School, Diesel, Fishsticks. If you're looking for my hex archive it's

This is a  Petz 4 website.
est. 2017/9/19
I my host Luli

  UPDATED   19th August 2020

Added the Updated Unibreed version of the Saint Bernard to Breeds.
I added coat variations, snout spots, changed the nose, eyes and face, added no texture rotate.

Added a "New to Crew" section on the main page.

Made some small changes to the layout. Recognize the cursor? ;)

-------------------------------------------------- last update 11/08/2020 ....
  Welcome to the new Hextraordinary!
I got tired of wix and I missed being able to be creative with my layouts :)
Thank you Thor for helping me with the coding and Thank you Luli for hosting me.
1 new Hexed Litter!
 2 new Playscenes!
Added the Updated Unibreed Shiba Inu file to the Breeds page!

Some of the Breeds are down right now. If you desperatley need them just e-mail me.
 I'm working on making them all Unibreeds.
  Fixed the Bunny Slippers link on the Clothes page.

  New to Crew!

This is
The first auction Ive won on TFM. I've only ever bid on 2 petz and now i know why, it stresses me dafuq out!
Spent a small fortune on him but it was totally worth it especially when I saw he is a trickster!
Originally from Shaina @ Kizsmet

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